Lauenna Luddington

BACP accredited counsellor

Who is supporting you?

Managing your own stress and anxiety about what’s going on, can help you to be the rock your child needs you to be. So take a moment to think what helps you manage your stress. It might be a walk, yoga or a cuddle from a pet (or another family member!)

Finding the time to slow down and calm your nervous system will help you think straight under pressure and be at your best in difficult situations.

Click here to see some self-help resources.



Just as you are there for your child, let others be there for you. You may feel a sense of relief after a good rant to a friend or some socialising that involves a complete distraction! 



Counselling for parents

Sometimes talking to someone outside of your daily life can be helpful and I provide counselling for parents as well as young people.  Knowing you have a space that is just about you and your experience can increase the sense of feeling supported. It is important to note that I am not a parenting expert, but I have experience supporting parents to feel more resourced and resilient.