Lauenna Luddington

BACP accredited counsellor


How to stay sane while supporting your child through a mental health crisis January 2018 -

Watching your child suffer with a mental health problem can be one of the most frustrating and heartbreaking experiences a parent can have. Every impulse in your body wants to “sort this out”, protect them, and solve their problems. Not being able to can feel incredibly disempowering and quite frightening. This article contains tips and perspectives from the counselling room, gained from working with parents and with young people in crisis.  read more

How to support your child through exam season January 2018 -

As exam season approaches, the tell-tale signs of exam stress may be creeping into your household. Many parents already know that practical steps, like encouraging exercise alongside a well planned revision timetable, goes a long way to helping students as they approach exams. But with exam anxiety on the rise, it can be useful for parents and carers to understand what is going on in the nervous system of their child, so that they are able to provide the next level of support during exam season. read more


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