Lauenna Luddington

BACP accredited counsellor

Counselling – my approach

I use a range of models and tools and work together with the client to strengthen their inner resources, develop new perspectives and feel more autonomous in their lives.  I have supported people through depression, anxiety, eating disorders, intrusive thoughts, relationship problems, trauma, panic, bereavement, isolation, coping with crises, low self esteem, CFS, stress and insomnia.

My approach is integrative and humanistic. The models I use combine uniquely for each client depending on what comes up and what might work for each individual. I may draw from techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness approaches, transactional analysis and more.

Sometimes, talking to someone who is not judgemental and really focused on understanding where you are coming from is a healing experience in itself. Sometimes an issue is something that needs exploring and coming to terms with. Other times there are more specific actions and strategies that people find useful. For example a person suffering from anxiety might benefit from learning specific calming  techniques, developing a different perspective on what anxiety is and what it means and partaking in experiments that help them to gradually overcome the fear. They may also benefit from exploring where and when in their life these patterns developed but that is not always necessary.

It can be helpful to discuss early experiences, coping patterns and expectations that we experienced in our early lives. Developing this awareness often leads to a greater sense of autonomy. Counselling is usually a combination of listening and exploring, developing resources and healthy coping patterns and using the increasing self-awareness to make changes that can enrich your life. These changes may be practical or may be changes in how we perceive the world and ourselves.